Student Registration Procedure


  1. Confirm the total tuition fee expected to be paid based on your programme and academic level. Click Here to confirm
  2. Walk into any Fidelity Bank branch and pay the amount confirmed above. Get a PIN from the bank after the payment.
  3. Go to FCE (T) Asaba Portal (
  4. Click on "Sign Up"  to create your login profile.  Fill the Signup form appropriately. Note that your Matric Number must be typed in full (e.g. SSE/2009/9999). Take note of the password you enter at this point as this will be required by your subsequent logins.
  5. Login with your matric number and password entered in (4) above
  6. Enter the PIN (you got from bank after payment) and click "Continue Button"; this takes you to student control center
  7. Upload your passport by clicking "upload passport" at the center of Student Control Center
  8. Click on "Course Registration" to start Registration